Discover the biodegradable revolution
An ecological alternative to glass bottles


Listening to the needs of the market and industry trends, we developed the concept of a new bottle for drinks, closed with a cap.

The innovative, biodegradable bottle is made of PLA plastic
(biopolymers of plant origin, subject to controlled degradation).

An innovative idea


An ecological alternative


PLA is characterized by high biocompatibility, complete biodegradability and good mechanical properties.

Thanks to this, the bottle can be an alternative to currently used packaging made of polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene, but above all glass.


An important element of a conscious consumer is care for the natural environment, the origin of raw materials and sustainable development. Being a careful observer, we focused on ecology. 

We have noticed an undeveloped market niche in biodegradable products dedicated to the beverage industry, which are a response to the need communicated by consumers to care for the natural environment.

Care for the environment

raw materials

27% lower carbon footprint

Here it is, theBottle!

Closed with a traditional 26 mm cap.
Available in capacities:

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